BURGAS shoreline marks 1921 Holy Spirit outpouring across Bulgaria

Mar 9, 2022

Alison & I prayed on this beach this morning remembering the 650 new believers we helped baptize, summer 1991. September, 1921 two Ukranians landed here and began preaching 4 months across the country. Their message was ‘The 3rd person of the Trinity is alive and well ready and willing to fill you and activate you for service. Many new churches sprang up. The Orthodox Church opposed bitterly, even sentencing some to death. Then WW 2 saw a Nazi invasion and many Jews lost their lives. The Russians routed the Nazis and brought in a heavy handed form of communism. Most evangelical pastors were imprisoned; many were starved to death. Then in the 1980’s just before DEMOCRACIA the Holy Spirit began moving strongly among the poorest and most oppressed: the gypsies and Turkish speakers. Countless ones saw Jesus in transfigured white so bright they could not distinguish the face, but they knew it was Jesus. They began meeting in their poor homes to worship Him. They had no hymn books, no scriptures, only the real presence of Jesus. Many chronic diseases were healed, some risings from the dead. In total around 10,000 moslem Turkish speakers were born into His family. Now more than half of these have gone for work in Western Europe. They have started over 100 Turkish speaking fellowships right across Europe. WONDERFUL, you say. Yes, indeed, but hopelessness has settled here on the land.
We are posing this question to the Lord as we stand on the BURGAS shore, “Would you be pleased to send a fresh wave of your Spirit on the Balkan’s and neighboring Turkey?
Seek God with us for these nations.