June Journeys

Jun 14, 2021

GREETINGS and thanks for following us and the Turks along the SILK ROAD for all these years.

We need those prayers!

The 29th of this month we hope to be flying from Manchester to Sofia, Bulgaria. Because there are no direct flights between the UK and Turkey, we shall take a detour through Bulgaria.

This affords us the opportunity to visit many of our old friends and make new connections with those the Lord leads us to.  Please pray for some of these people, that we will be a blessing and encouragement to them

SEFİK and his new wife, SVETI 

Bless them in their marriage as they come to grips with not having a common language or culture.  Sveti is a busy hospital doctor, leaving Sefik to find his way around Sofia to find Turks he can share Jesus with.


also live in Sofia and have a vision to plant a Turkish speaking church, as well as to reach into neighbouring Macedonia. They have been waiting for Sefik to join them.


Most of the time we spend with them will be on our return from Turkey.  It has been a long time since we have had face to face fellowship.  Please pray for the days we are together, for the plans that will emerge, and the prayers we will pray.


are some of the families we hope to be able to see

We will also hopefully attend a 2 day get-together of workers among Turkish speakers in the Balkans.


We will travel by public transport through the Turkish border where, our son will meet us to drive to a village on the Marmara Sea a few miles from the Dardanelles where Churchill pulled his ships out of a fierce bombardment from Ataturk.

JON, BERNA and little JENNY (5 weeks old)
It’s been over two years since we last saw our son.  He phones us often and has expressed lots of hope and desire that we should be able to come to see them.  PLEASE PRAY for this visit of 10 days, that there will be opportunities and freedom to share Jesus.

We will then return to Bulgaria two weeks the end of July visiting Turkish believers and delivering copies of our newly translated and published Luke-Acts in easy-to-read Turkish. 


We are sad to share with you that Annelie has had a serious relapse in her mental health.  She had experienced a lot of healing during her time with YWAM in Hawaii and was doing well in a Christian university in Lithuania.

Two weeks ago during an outreach trip to Armenia she suddenly started having violent episodes and went missing for one night.

Indira flew from Istanbul to be with her, and asks us daily to keep praying.

It is a good hospital.  Much of the time Annelie is kept sedated but during her awake times she is very aggressive towards Indira, both physically and verbally.

Indira, as always, is reaching out to other patients and their relatives and has had many opportunities to pray for people.  She is even learning Armenian!

Please cover them in God’s love and healing.

And pray for our travels that God will go before us.

In His love,

George and Alison